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Elevate: 3 Session Alignment + Guidance

Unlock the power of your energetic system and embrace a transformative journey towards healing.

  • 3 hours
  • $388
  • Location 1

Service Description

In our 3 sessions together, we embark on an exploration of your energetic anatomy, delving into the intricate network of your 15+ Chakras and so much more! What We'll Achieve: Energetic System Upgrade: Through clearing, opening, and upgrading your Chakras, we enhance your energetic flow, fostering balance and vitality within. Divine Insight and Guidance: Connecting with your Higher Self and Guides, I channel messages that are tailored specifically for your spiritual growth and alignment. Healing Trauma and Clearing Blocks: Addressing soul, ancestral, and karmic traumas, we transmute and release low vibrational patterns, allowing you to step into your true alignment. Akashic Records Exploration: Delving into your Akashic Records, we identify past life connections and release energetic remnants that no longer serve your highest good. Actionable Steps for Integration: Together, we outline actionable steps, empowering you to integrate the healing and activate your highest timeline in your daily life. Empowering Intuition: Learn to listen deeply and trust your intuition and higher guidance, empowering you on your journey beyond our sessions. How It Works: Our sessions are tailored to your unique energetic needs, creating a safe and nurturing space for exploration and healing. Using intuitive techniques and profound energetic practices, we co-create a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Are you ready to align with your highest potential and embrace a life of energetic abundance and intuitive wisdom? I will be your guide. I can’t wait to help you ELEVATE AND ACTIVATE your Highest Timeline!

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