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June 2023 Events

Summer Solstice
Group Transformation Event
Wednesday, June 21st at 7:00 PM EST on Zoom


Summer Solstice is the most energetically charged day of the year with the sun at its most powerful time for healing and transformation!

It is an important time to set your intentions for finding your balance and stepping into the boldest version of yourself!

Join me on Wednesday, June 21st at 7:00 PM EST as we anchor in this energy, REJUVENATE your spirit, RECONNECT you with the natural cycles of the Earth, and ACTIVATE your highest timeline.

We will move through 2-hours of Activations, Guided Energetic and Emotional release, Clearing and Opening of your Chakras, Guided messages and so much more!

The summer solstice is the time for new beginnings.  It is a time to bring forth your inner power and brightness, and it is an important time for us to anchor in all the light we have been receiving. 

We are all moving through this time of TRANSFORMATION and change.  Let's do this together!

Please bring your specific question for Alicia to tune into ✨


This summer!

I am choosing the perfect places to help you on your healing and learning journey! 

I am so excited to partner with Always June Organic Farm and ARA YOGA to bring you special healing events in the Yurt this summer! 


Join me in this beautiful space, in the YURT!

Over two hours, we will come together as a community and receive the clearing, activations, and messages to assist you in moving through what challenges you are facing now. 

June dates coming soon!

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NEW 4-Week Mentoring Program begins June 19th




Are you ready?



Summer Solstice Edition

Saturday June 24th 12:30 PM

Kitchener, Ontario

Whether you have worked with me before, or this is your first time, be prepared to SHIFT the way you think about your own intuitive abilities, and step back into your POWER!

During our time together, I will provide Quantum Healing to clear what is holding you back, spiritually, emotionally, energetically, and physically. 

I will show you your own ability to tune in, clear what is not serving you, and raise your vibration!

Working together as a group, you will receive guided messages about what you need to do NOW to heal what is keeping you stuck.  

Together, we will remove the blocks, clear them, and assist you in preparing for changes ahead with confidence, understanding, and excitement!

This event is open to all, and a perfect opportunity for those couples who are moving through growth and transformation together!


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