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Transformational Programs


Are you Ready?

My next Masterclass starts on March 4th!


Accelerate your Intuitive is a 3 part Masterclass for those moving through Ascension, experiencing an Awakening, and for those who are leveling up and ready to become the best version of themselves! 


Get ready to ACCELERATE your Intuitive abilities with this 3-session Masterclass where we will cover the most IMPORTANT FOUNDATIONS you need to incorporate into your healing practices for yourself, your family, and those you serve collectively.

Monday, 4 March 2024, at 7:00 PM EST

Monday, 11 March 2024 at 7:00 PM EST

Monday, 18 March 2024 at 7:00 PM EST

💫 If you are stuck in your growth and ready to REACTIVATE  the highest version of yourself.


💫 If you are ready to finally move through what you have been RESISTING… you need a Guide, a strong supportive community, a Blueprint, and a kick in the right direction!


We begin March 4th!


    • 6 Hours+ of Transformational Course Material
    • How to Clear & Balance Chakras, Cut Cords, Clear ++
    • Meditations & Daily Protocols for "Waking up" & Healing
    • Perfect for those who are looking for ongoing support
    • Recommended for those working with Alicia 1-1
  • Unlock your Intuitive 7 Module Course

    Special offer with Bonus 1-1 Session with Alicia Included
    • 7 Modules
    • Videos
    • Guided Meditations
    • Portal access to all materials
    • Bonus 1-1 Session with Alicia
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Awakening 1.0
Fundamentals of Energy Healing Course 

This is for you if you are looking for support, accountability, and materials to guide you in moving through healing, transformation, and change.  If you are looking for further guidance, support as well as tools and protocols to assist you in your healing journey, this course is a perfect Add-on to one-on-one sessions with Alicia. 


This course material will assist you in "doing the work" in your own time to learn about how to clear and balance your Chakras, how to clear low vibrational energy, how to recognize and heal emotions such as Guilt and Fear, How to recognize a Psychic attack and how to clear it and more.  The videos are great reference materials as you move through your healing journey.


This course includes:

  • Access to all of the Transformation Course Videos covering fundamentals for Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, Energetic Protection and Clearing, Raising your Vibration, Releasing Emotions, Daily Protocols, Meditations, and more. (6-Hours + of course material)

  • Key learning and takeaways, and optional homework.

  • Exclusive Masterclasses will be available by invitation only to those working through this program.

  • Recommended for anyone who is working with Alicia and is moving through a time of healing and change. 

"My sessions with Alicia brought me closure and understanding to events in my past. My group sessions gave me a safe place to talk about my experiences and connect with people who understand, support, and believe in me."



Lydia M.

"I literally feel like I have shed 1000 pounds that I have been carrying around with me for so long.  Thank you doesn't seem like enough"





Kelly B. 

"I loved being able to connect with my guides through Alicia and hearing the messages I needed to hear from them was so powerful!. My connection has become so clear and I feel light, free and happy - and this is only the beginning!"

Crystal G.

 Learning how important it is to protect my energy and practice clearing and grounding has changed how I experience my days. This powerful shift will impact the rest of my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Lucy C.

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