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Awakening 1.0: The Fundamentals of Energy Work

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This program is for you if you are ready to jump-start your awakening, or if you have been on your journey for years and are looking for some support and guidance. It is time! Are you ready? The program includes: - Awakening 1.0-course materials covering the fundamentals of Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, and Clearing, Cord Cutting, managing your 4 Bodies (Physical, Energetic, Emotional, and Spiritual), Psychic Protection, and more. Everything you need to know to get you started in taking back your power. - Meditations, action steps, key learning, and takeaways. This material is recommended for anyone who thinks that they might be moving through a Spiritual Awakening or anyone who is ready to understand how to manage how energy impacts their daily life. Anyone who is new to energy work, working with the body's Chakra system, energy clearing, and emotional healing techniques, and is looking to learn how to tap into their own ability to heal and connect with their own inner guidance. This material works in learning and putting into practice, specific practices for moving through a healing journey, or as you begin to open up to an expanded version of who you are here to be. This program along with one on one sessions (or on its own) will assist you in learning to master all of your bodies and fields and tune into your own higher guidance. It is time to take back your power and learn to heal yourself! Thank you for allowing me to show you the way!

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