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Unlock your Intuitive Mentorship Program

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Are you ready to Unlock your Intuitive? Whether you have been exploring energy healing modalities all of your life, or if you think you might have intuitive abilities, but have never really understood what to do with them, this mentorship program will help you to UNLOCK and LEARN: ~How to connect with your higher-self, and to your spirit guides to recognize & interpret spirit messages. ~Which modalities resonate most (pendulum work, oracle cards, crystals, energy healing, emotional healing, somatic healing, angel healing, color healing and more). ~How to recognize and heal common physical ailments and emotional triggers for good! How to do “Shadow work,” and “Inner Child work,” and how to clear old patterns, triggers and emotions no longer serving you. ~How to open and balance your expanded Chakra system, how to activate dormant or blocked Chakras. ~How to use your archetypes to provide a framework for releasing and clearing programs and patterns in your life. ~What daily practices you need to further develop your gifts and how to integrate your intuitive abilities into your everyday life. ~How to recognize and clear dark, low vibrational energy from you, and those around you. ~How to raise and keep your vibration High and open for MANIFESTING! And so much more! I can't wait to start this journey with you!

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