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Your Journey Starts Here

 I am an Intuitive Mentor, Medium & Energy Healer

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I am here to guide you back to your power within.  

My mission is to find the others like me, the leaders, the healers, and the change-makers that are here to step into the best versions of themselves.

6 Years ago I "woke up" to a version of myself that no longer resonated. I was scared. I felt alone. I was lost.


This was the beginning of my healing journey that lead me down a path to finding my way back to who I really am. The best version of me, free from the patterns, traumas, and triggers that were holding me back. 


I am here to help you do the same. 

We are evolving as human beings, and moving through a time of human transformation.  This is a time of awakening and healing as a collective and as individuals.  This is evolution.


Over the last few years, we have all had to shift, adjust and manage a changing reality. What if this was all happening "for" you instead of "to" you?


  • If you are questioning the world around you and feeling like nothing is making sense.

  • If you are struggling with overwhelm, overly triggered, or stuck in feelings of fear, anger, or guilt.  

  • ​If you are going through a transformation in your life and you are ready to heal and move past what is keeping you stuck. 

  • If you are moving through major life transitions in Career, family life, or relationships and are looking for guidance, community, and support.

You are not alone.

I am here to support you. I am here to guide you through your awakening into your highest self. 


Work with me one on one, join one of my Masterclasses, or Sign up for Awakening 1.0, my Transformational Energy Healing Program, with 6+ hours of course materials to work through at your own pace.

You are safe, supported, and right where you are meant to be!

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Meet Alicia
Our work together will assist you in stepping into the highest version of yourself!  

You will learn to find your inner guidance, and connect with your higher self, and you will be shown how to break through, heal and clear what is holding you back. I will provide the insights and healing you need to step back into the power within.  


Through our work together, you will learn about your connection to your higher self. You will understand the importance of your Chakras and your energy body in healing yourself and connecting to your highest potential, and you will learn what is blocking you. 


My mission is to remind you of your inner power, and to show you the tools you need to step into your best self!


I incorporate many modalities in the work we will do together. Each session is as unique as you are.

  • Energy Healing, Emotional Release, Energetic Protection & Chakra Balancing

  • Advanced Pendulum Practitioner 

  • Spiritual Guidance, Clearing & Activations

  • Past Life and Ancestral Healing

  • Mentorship and Guidance for finding your own Soul Gifts and Higher Purpose 

Before you book your session, please have a look at this video on my YouTube Channel explaining what it is like to work with me!


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Alicia has been instrumental in guiding me to awaken to my soul’s purpose. During this time of turmoil in our collective consciousness, it has been, quite literally, a gift from the God(s) (or whatever you choose to call it) to have found such a bright beautiful soul to guide me to my higher purpose.


Alicia not only helps me to remember my purpose and to stay in alignment, but she also helps me find my own strength and power to heal myself and others. With my absolute deepest gratitude for her work, I hold Alicia in the highest regard, and can confidently say that if you are reading this now, it is not a coincidence that you have found her.


Please follow your heart and allow her to help you heal yourself from within. You are absolutely worth it. I promise that in finding your purpose and cultivating your own ability to heal yourself your life will take on new meaning and joy. This is the greatest gift you could give yourself.


Kassandra H.



“Alicia is an excellent teacher, kind and patient. From our first session, I felt relaxed and at peace. She has provided me the tools to do my inner work and has supported me through some deep healing. I am now more in tune with myself and able to manage my daily life with ease and confidence.  I am so grateful that Alicia came into my life, and at a time when I needed some guidance the most.”

— Nicole L 

"When I first met Alicia, I was frozen in many places in my life, and not able to move forward.  Alicia made me feel safe and grounded. She has shown me that I can heal myself and continue to release emotions and triggers on my own. I am excited to continue to work and grow!"
— Veronica S 

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What is Awakening?

The Signs

These are just some of the signs and "symptoms" you may be experiencing as you awaken to your higher consciousness, or to a different way of experiencing the world.  Some may also call this a Spiritual Awakening

I call it Evolution. 

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Major Life Changes

Changes in relationships, your career, or where you live.  You may also feel shifts in significant relationships in your life and you may feel you are not “on the same page” as many in your close inner circle compared to other times in your life.  


An increase in events or happenings in your daily life where something other than chance or coincidence is at play.  Meeting a person just as you need them. Hearing an answer to your question in a song that just happened to be playing on the radio.  Hearing from a friend as you were just thinking about them.

Questioning the World around you & your Purpose

Why am I here?  What is my purpose? Why do good people suffer?  What is happening in the world?  These are often the questions that come up as we awaken as the world or our perception of reality "feels" different than it did before with no apparent reason why.

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Fatigue, Body Aches & Unexplained Illness

Fatigue, body aches, and unexplained illnesses can often be a sign that you are shifting and moving through change.  Awakening means that you are changing in frequency, much like a computer would update an operating system.  These "updates" will take adjusting too, and your bodies and systems will need time to adjust and purge what is no longer serving.

When we are awakening to our higher consciousness, we can often feel like we are alone in the way that we are experiencing reality.  That something is not right, but we don't have any proof or outside validation of anything that is outside of ourselves.  This can be isolating.

Shifting Perspectives

As you move through the stages of awakening, and your awareness changes about how you have been experiencing the world changes.  You may move through a period of time where you question your belief systems, society, and the way you live your life.  You may change your perspectives around larger societal systems as well, begin to question the way things have "always been," and begin to look deeper.  

Feeling Alone or Isolated 
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Why You Are Here

Working with Alicia

There are many ways to work with me! Work with me one on one to heal, activate and start the process of unpacking what is holding you back.  Take the Awakening 1.0 Transformation Energy Healing Program to kick start your understanding and application of living in the highest version of yourself!

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Group Masterclasses

Transformational Programs, Masterclasses & Special Events

Learn to open and balance your Chakras and unlock you power to heal yourself!

Did you know that 

Closed or blocked Chakras can lead to

  • Physical pain

  • Chronic Illness

  • Emotional Imbalance

  • Disrupted Hormone Function

  • Feelings of being Stuck, Overwhelmed or Anxious 

Download the FREE Guide that will take you through opening and healing your expanded 15 Chakras, and will show you WHY this is the first step to understanding your own inner power to heal.

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Transformational 1-1 programs with Alicia to help guide you t with support to help you tap into and trust your own intuition.

We are all intuitive.  If you are ready to jump into your Awakening and Healing Journey, I am here to guide you every step of the way.

I have built my sessions and programs around what I would have needed 6 years ago when I started my own journey into awakening to my intuition and gifts.  Let me be your guide back to your power within!

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To be notified about upcoming events, masterclasses, and group programs!


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